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Intranet Applications

Intranet Applications are essential for smooth and secure interdepartmental and cross departmental operations within the internal network of an organization. These applications, that are mostly run on a web browser, contribute to the exchange of data and information within departments and between employees, via secure channels.

Benefits of Intranet Applications:

  • Intranet Applications cannot be easily hacked as they run within a secure intranet and can also be accessed without internet connectivity.
  • Intranet Applications are less prone to virus and malware attacks are they are restricted networks that do not allow access to all external sites other than company-authorized portals.
  • Intranet Applications offer faster data retrieving process given that there are no bandwidth issues involved.
  • Intranet Applications run on various OS environments; and are highly customizable at any point.

What we offer

Cignitech has provided many intranet applications to various business over the past few years. Some of our products include systems for HR Management, Salary Management, Inventory Management, and Vendor management across Retailers, Restaurants, Distributors, Dealers, and Schools among others.

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